Welcome to MelanchoLalaland™!

It’s the 21st century, and time to re-invent opera, but in a way that’s more fun, less pretentious, and a little messed up.

Composer/videographer/FAU professor Joey Bargsten, with co-producer/writer Thea Zimmer, will present their multimedia opera at Miami Beach Cinematheque on Sunday, September 13, 2015. Funded in part by the Knight Foundation, the opera MelanchoLalaland™ will include local singers and dancers in a live mix with video, animation, and digital music. Audience input will also be encouraged.

While the text of MelanchoLalaland is sung, it is far from traditional opera. The production’s plot is decidedly postmodern and unstuffy, with a setting both chilling and comic. Its characters include Kenny Longtin, vice president of Melancuria, Inc., a global corporation that specializes in anti-melancholia drugs and drive-through self-pleasuring pods. Melancuria, Inc.’s target market includes the mobs of enlightenment-challenged Americans picketing outside its gates.

Kenny Longtin’s hapless nemesis is the story’s hero, Harold “Booster” Krant, Melancuria, Inc.‘s Senior Aesthetic Experience Engineer. Booster is surrounded by disgruntled employees, dissatisfied girlfriends, dubious deities in dreadlocks, apathetic ancient Latin choruses, swimmer boys, and cheesy aliens (not literally!).

Contact: melancholalaland at gmail dot com;


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